give your child the gift of kung fu!

The benefits of Kung Fu training are transformative

Training Wing Tsun Kung Fu at our school is about so much more than self-defense. Though it is an important part, the benefits of training martial arts are much more profound and far-reaching. 

Your child will gain focus

The link between training martial arts and gaining focus are well-documented but the most significant improvement is found in children who have had the advantage of beginning their training at a young age.

Kung fu also helps build self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, respect and courtesy

At City Wing Tsun, we create a positive, safe and fun environment for children to practice and learn an art form that will help them gain wonderful character traits they will benefit from in school and throughout life.

Prevent bullying & help solve the bullying epidemic

The effects of bullying on children are serious and include lower self-esteem, depression, anxiety, absenteeism, poor school achievement, and even suicidal thoughts or illness. From cyberbullying to direct physical bullying, it is an epidemic that needs to be addressed to help our children grow into strong, successful adults that have empathy for other people and high esteem for themselves. 

Training Kung fu has shown a remarkable ability to lower a child's likelihood of getting bullied or becoming a bully themselves by addressing the root issues that cause the aggressive behaviors that lead to bullying. By raising a child's self-esteem and confidence while teaching them important lessons about courtesy and respecting others, training Kung fu can break the cycle that leads to bullying. By teaching them self-defense, training Kung fu can help children defend themselves and even better still, can help them understand how to recognize potentially harmful situations and prevent them from happening.


A fun and supportive environment

Here at City Wing Tsun, we understand the importance of a great training environment. Our school's culture will enable your child to have an amazing summer camp experience filled with fun while feeling safe, comfortable and supported. Our students and instructors are wonderful people looking forward to welcoming your child to the ranks of one of the most prestigious and accomplished Kung fu schools in North America. 


Our Summer Camp is for children ages 6 to 12 and takes place July 9th to August 12th

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