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The New York lifestyle is demanding and fast-paced. Constant vigilance and an edge are not only helpful but necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is the solution to the problems that plague you. In addition to feeling more active, getting fit and gaining the unwavering confidence that comes with the knowledge that you can protect yourself and your loved ones, martial arts will help you achieve your personal and professional goals by teaching you self-discipline and giving you an innate sense of inner peace.

The multi-tiered benefits of martial arts training will positively impact your life in ways conventional fitness never could!

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Child obesity, bullying, confidence issues and problems focusing are major concerns for parents and schools around the country. Help your child grow into a well-adjusted and high-functioning adult through martial arts.

Statistically proven to help children with ADD and ADHD, Kung fu helps children focus better in school and in all areas of their life. Our unique program emphasizes violence prevention and de-escalation by teaching children important lessons about communicating well with peers and elders.

Martial arts are also an excellent way to get kids fit in a fun and safe atmosphere. Help your children gain the self-discipline, respect and focus they need with Kung fu!

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A staggering amount of women complain about feeling stressed, unfocused and having a crippling lack of self-discipline when it comes to fitness.

With a strong emphasis on self-discipline, Wing Tsun Kung Fu teaches you how to set and accomplish goals for a happier and healthier life. Increased confidence from the knowledge that you can protect yourself in any situation will positively influence all aspects of your life from personal to work-related.

A healthy outlet that decreases stress, martial arts increases energy and focus so you can be a strong, confident, empowered woman!

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